Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral-B 7000: Who Will Win the Fight?

Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral-B 7000: Who Will Win the Fight?

Oral-B and Philips are two of the leaders in the electric powered toothbrush market. They will have great features and the most recent technology. It could be quite difficult to produce a choice between them.
To essentially dig deep in to the one that’s correct for you personally,
You’re the only person who can make the decision of toothbrush that matches with your requirements. Although, Your dental practitioner might advise that you concentrate on the gums or plaque based on recent complications you’ve had. you may visit your dental practitioner to find out the type of toothbrush can make your visits nicer later on. it’s vital that you weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each.
From physical appears to features, the victor depends on several factors and personal choice.
With regards to Sonicare DiamondClean versus Oral-B 7000, you will have one which edges out your competition. This can be the one which you should put on your bathroom shelf.

Summary of the Philips Sonicare Gemstone Clean

The Gemstone Clean provides patented technology from the business that gives an individual even more power and brush actions.000 brush movements each and every minute with this toothbrush. You can find over 31,
You can find 5 brushing settings with the Gemstone Clean, and each one functions quietly to provide you with intense brushing actions.
It’s an easy task to switch between settings with the contact of a button.

Summary of the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

The Pro 7000 is a lovely toothbrush with 3D technology.
and vibration to loosen and remove plaque along with food contaminants. rotation, It provides users oscillation,
This data could be distributed to your dentist, It’ll make use of charts and graphics showing you wherever you’ve skipped. too.

Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral-B 7000: Evaluation Table


Features Philips Sonicare Gemstone Clean Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

Charging TechniqueCharging cup or USBTraditional charging stand
Battery Lifestyle20 times10 times
Brushing Settings5 Settings: Washing, 1 Sensitive
Bluetooth Monitoring TechnologyNot incorporated with the Gemstone CleanIncorporated with the Pro 7000
Pressure SensorNoYes
CostCheck costCheck cost

Deep clean, Gum care, Gum treatment, Sensitive

6 Settings: Daily clean, Sensitive, Whitening, 1 ProWhite, Tongue cleaner

Included Brush Heads
2 Gemstone Clean brushes

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1 CrossAction, Whitening, Polishing,

Design Assessment

The handle of every toothbrush comes with an LED screen,
so you’ll have the ability to see just what mode has been used.
The deal with itself is usually ergonomic and won’t slide from the hands. it could cause serious problems.
You can find sensitive parts in the brush deal with that needs to be handled cautiously. When dropped,
The Oral-B has two control keys on the deal with for switching settings and power.
The Sonicare Gemstone Clean has one switch for settings and power.

Top features of the Sonicare Gemstone Clean

The patented sonic technology of the Philips brand is usually obvious in this model.000 brush strokes each and every minute to completely clean plaque and germs from teeth. The Gemstone Clean uses 31,
The Gemstone Clean brush mind features bristles which are formed like diamonds,
The gemstone bristles assault plaque and offer whitening and stain removal.

You can find 5 brushing settings for the Gemstone Clean toothbrush. Rising each morning, This is for make use of after eating, It gets rid of food contaminants and freshens breath.
The White setting of brushing works together with the gemstone bristles to eliminate the staining from the enamel of your tooth.
Food like espresso or wine and also tobacco can keep residue behind which will dull your smile.
The Gum Care mode will therapeutic massage your gums. this setting is ideal.
Sensitive gums certainly are a serious issue for many people. If your gums bleed or become reddish colored and inflamed,
The Sensitive mode works for delicate the teeth and gums because it’s gentler compared to the other modes.
The Smartimer and the Quadpacer are two of the timers offered with the Gemstone Clean toothbrush. The Smartimer functions to make sure that you’re spending the suggested 2 mins brushing.
The Quadpacer enables you to understand when it’s time and energy to proceed to a different section of your mouth.
You don’t have to buy batteries for your Gemstone Clean toothbrush.
as well. The glass may be used as a rinse cup in the toilet, It includes a USB charger and a pleasant charging glass.
You can find 2 Gemstone Clean brush heads incorporated with the toothbrush.

Top features of the Oral-B Pro 7000

The Oral-B provides 3D technology in its 7000 SmartSeries. You can find 800 brush movements each and every minute. and rotations of the brush mind. pulsations, They interact to split up plaque on one’s teeth and across the gum series. The three elements of the technology result from the oscillations,
The CrossAction brush mind provides angled bristles that may get deep between the teeth.
The 3D cleaning can be due to the 16 level bristles for between your teeth.
The foremost is a daily clean that functions throughout the day to completely clean and freshen breath.

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The Gum Care mode targets the gums to make sure they’re healthful. Bleeding gums and plaque are severe issues across the gum series.
This mode will continue to work to provide you a wholesome mouth.
The Whitening setting polishes and gets deep to eliminate spots and brighten your smile.
There’s a Deep Clean setting of brushing with the 7000.
It extends the brush time and energy to ensure that you’re obtaining deep around one’s teeth and gums for an excellent clean.
The Sensitive mode is for anyone who has tooth pain or end up with a sore mouth area after brushing.
The mode functions at a slower swiftness for individuals who need more delicate brushing.
A clean tongue is essential for removing bacterias from the mouth entirely.
The 7000 includes a pressure sensor to alert you when you’re brushing too much.
The sensor will light and lower the swiftness of the brush. It’s bad for one’s teeth and gums in the event that you brush too aggressively.
The SmartGuide is definitely a timer that links to the brush through Bluetooth technology.
It’ll alert you to whenever your 2 moments of brushing reaches an end.
Bluetooth technology is an enormous feature of the 7000 SmartSeries. These habits could be revealed and set as time passes with graphs and data. It’ll enable you to see wherever you’re brushing and where you do not have focus.
The brush includes a rechargeable electric battery. The toothbrush includes 3 brush heads like the CrossAction.

Distinct Contrasts Between your Gemstone Clean and the 7000 SmartSeries



One of the primary differences between your toothbrushes may be the technology itself.
000 Brush strokes each and every minute. This gives an individual 31,
The Oral-B Pro 7000 offers oscillations and rotations that even more directly split up plaque and offers bristles in the brush that actually slip between your teeth to eliminate food particles.
The Sonicare Diamond Clean could be recharged utilizing a USB charger that will go directly to a laptop computer.
That’s ideal for those who execute a ton of traveling.
The Oral-B 7000 includes a connection through Bluetooth which allows an individual to track wherever they might become having difficulty brushing.
It’ll result in less appointments to the dental professional for cavities and deep cleanings.
Disadvantage of the Gemstone Clean
The Gemstone Clean doesn’t possess Bluetooth connection.
You won’t have the ability to track your washing over time as if you can with the additional model.
Disadvantage of the 7000 SmartSeries
The Oral-B 7000 is certainly a little bit noisy when you’re brushing. It’ll appear to be a power razor,
therefore that’s something to bear in mind.

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You can find distinct benefits and drawbacks to each choice.
Sonicare Gemstone Clean uses sonic vibration to blast plaque from between tooth. The Oral-B has 3D technology that physically gets rid of food and bacterias from the teeth. You will have to decide the features that do the job personally.
They both have timers to make sure you’re brushing for the proper period of time. Both possess charging stations for his or her rechargeable battery. as well. They will have great warranties, They will have LED displays to make sure that you’re utilizing the correct mode of washing.
The Philips Sonicare Gemstone Clean uses patented sonic technology to provide you with an improved clean. With 31,000 brush strokes,
too. that makes it hard to visit with the 7000 Series. They will have a battery existence lasting more than two times as long because the additional toothbrush. Oral-B can’t become charged utilizing a USB port, They will have a range of methods to recharge the toothbrush, there won’t become any plaque or bacterias left behind.
the winner when it comes to features may be the Philips Sonicare Gemstone Clean.
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