Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000: Which One to Choose?

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000: Which One to Choose?

Oral B is among the known titles in the industry which includes been producing world-course toothbrushes for its clients. Over the years,
The main concentrate of the company’s item would be to provide its clients with the comfort and simple brushing and yet obtaining the desired result.
The latest intro to the brand can be two of its kind electrical toothbrushes that may provide with the required and required information regarding the brushing experience. Both toothbrushes which are believed to revolutionize the brushing connection with the clients are:

    • Oral B Pro 5000


    • Oral B Pro 7000


Let us have a deep appear about the provided features and descriptions that the toothbrushes can provide to their clients. To have a obvious understanding about which of both will be the better to choose following a necessary factors,
here’s an in depth assessment Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000.

What IS IT POSSIBLE TO Anticipate from Oral B Pro 5000?


The Oral B pro 5000 toothbrush offers been created for providing the clients with a real-time opinions about their brushing practices by using the Bluetooth enabled conversation between your smartphone and the brush.
The clients can enhance their brushing habits and may focus on their delicate areas in line with the instant opinions that they get.
This can help in improving the entire experience of brushing alongside providing all of the dental benefits.
The circular brush mind and the micropulse bristles rotate softly in the mouth and therefore remove the maximum quantity of plaque.
The toothbrush comes in the white color combined with the general travel package and add-ons for adding in the capability of traveling.

WHY IS Oral B Pro 7000 an improved Choice?


Oral B pro 7000 is usually a complete package which includes something to provide for all sorts of customer’s requirements.
the product has a price but the extra features that it includes make it well worth the investment. Certainly,
The model has been therefore designed that it includes a better battery lifestyle that makes this an improved choice for traveling requirements as well together with the regular homely make use of.
The cellular smart information,
The users will get two different color choices for this model and will pick from white and a combined mix of silver and dark.

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Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000 Comparison Desk

Here’s the tabular comparison of both models for an instant analysis of the many details:

Oral B Pro 5000 Oral B Pro 7000

Performance GreatGreat
Features • Timer alerts
• Pressure sensor
• 3D washing
• Plaque removal
• Rechargeable battery
• Accuracy washing
• Timer alerts
• Real-time assistance
• Alerts to switching to brand-new region
• Pressure sensor
• Rechargeable battery
• 3D washing
• Plaque removal
• Accuracy washing
Online connectivity • Bluetooth
• App Connection
• Real-time responses
• Bluetooth
• App connection
• Real-time responses
In the container • Wise series handles
• Brush mind
• Charger
• Storage space
• Smart series deal with
• 3 varieties brush mind
• Superior charger
• Premium storage
Brushing setting • Daily clean
• Gum care
• Sensitive
• Whitening deep clean
Tongue washing mode together with the 5 general brushing settings.
Toothbrush shades LightLight & silver/black
Travel Accessory General travel accessorySuperior travel accessory
Brush heads Floss Actions• Cross Actions
• Sensitive Clean
• Pro White
Wireless clever information Not really includedIncluded
CostCheck CostCheck Cost


THE MAIN ELEMENT Difference in Between both Toothbrush Models

Certainly, But there do can be found a few of the significant difference among them.
both types of the toothbrush are particular and particular for offering the customers with the mandatory oral and dental hygiene. Both models are so ideal and close that it’s very hard to pinpoint any difference within their performance and working.
Let us check out the main element difference between them by evaluating Oral B Pro 5000 versus 7000.

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Brushing setting


The Oral B pro 5000 gives 5 brushing settings to its users. A few of the brushing settings that one may find in the 5000 model are as follow:

    • Daily clean


    • Gum treatment


    • Sensitive


    • Whitening


    • Deep clean


On the other, nonetheless it offers yet another additional brushing mode that is Tongue cleaning,
producing a complete of 6 brushing settings in the model.

Toothbrush color

The 5000 style of the Oral B pro offers kept the color substitute for very basic and therefore only will come in the white color.
As the other style of Oral B pro 7000 was created with an increase of color options compared to the 5000 model.
The Oral B pro 7000 comes in two color choices which are white or a combined mix of dark and silver.

Travel accessory

Travel accessories have become essential if you are in a have to travel together with your selected style of toothbrush. The model is usually available with reduced travel case of add-ons which are easy and hassle-free to visit with.

Included types of brush heads

Jpeg” />
The Oral B pro 5000 offers been therefore designed that it includes just one single brush head type which is Floss Actions brush head. in the event that you go through the Oral B pro 7000 model, On the other hand, it supports 3 different types of brush heads which are as adhere to:

    • Cross Actions brush head


    • Pro White colored brush head


    • Sensitive Clean brush mind


The Oral B pro 7000 therefore gives a deeper and cleaner teeth’s health compared to the Oral B pro 5000.

Wireless wise guide


If you work with the Bluetooth enabled electrical brushes for the first time,
then you would definitely have to have the clever guide so you can get the step-by-step guidance at each stage.
Since there is no cellular smart guide offered with the Oral B pro 5000,
hence the beginners could find it tough to utilize the brush for the initial few times.
The Oral B pro 7000 addresses this flaws and will be offering a wireless smart information to its users therefore making the entire knowledge simpler for the newbies as well.

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Because the model Oral B pro 7000 includes so many additional however important features, the only person thing that may concern the buyers may be the price of the merchandise.
The Oral B pro 5000 falls under a realistic price thus as an easy choose for the users.
On the other hand,

Oral B Pro 5000vs 7000 – WHICH is Worth the Expenditure?

Both Oral B pro 5000 and Oral B pro 7000 will be the toothbrushes that are created for targeting present needs for cleaning and brushing the mouth area.
While both toothbrushes are allowed with the Bluetooth service for detailing every take action of brushing combined with the service of the timer for offering the best cleaning encounter,
for me,


Oral B may be the name that you could very easily trust for all you oral care requirements and with the intro of the two new toothbrush versions,
Oral B has just as before provided the confirmation of the actual fact.
Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000 may be the rightly crafted info that will offer the users with the necessary details about both recently available versions from the Oral B.
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