Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review: Things You Should Know About This Toothbrush

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review: Things You Should Know About This Toothbrush

The Oral-B genius pro 8000 has been created for providing all the needed features to the users. This electrical toothbrush contains all of the needed features for washing the mouth in the very best form. this electrical toothbrush is among the priciest toothbrushes of the Oral B brand. Targeting the majority of the oral requirements and requirements of the users, Relative to the added features and functionalities, without doubt,
a few of the users state this toothbrush because the complete bundle of the oral treatment.
The Oral B pro 8000 toothbrush is available in dark color and will come in an attractive style. Why don’t we have a closer consider the various features that toothbrush gives to its users with the complete info.
This oral b toothbrush guarantees the entire care and attention of the oral demands targeting actually the hardest dots of the mouth. Unaware of what features this toothbrush can provide?

What is it possible to find in the package?


Before moving any more with highlighting the top features of the toothbrush, why don’t we first check out the various things which come along with this gorgeous Oral B model.

    • Oral B pro 8000 toothbrush


    • 2 different brush heads specifically


    • Sensitive brush head


    • CrossAction brush head


    • The 3D white brush mind


    • Traveling package


    • Charging foundation/stand


    • Charging wire


    • Holder for smartphone


  • User gu > Style of the toothbrush

There’s been always a query regarding the high cost of the Oral B genius pro 8000. A lot of people question as to the reasons this electrical toothbrush is offered by such a higher price.
Among the answers which can be provided in response to the doubt is definitely that the toothbrush is manufactured in the very best design model.


The look of the Oral-B genius pro 8000 toothbrush offers been kept based on the present period.
Therefore, The brush weighs around 140grams that is neither a heavyweight for a toothbrush and nor is recognized as light-weight. The users can easily contain the brush without fretting about any slippery surface area. the average delivers the mandatory amount of excess weight to the hands of the individual holding it. The fantastic body type of the brush combined with the attractive dark color makes an incredible mixture for catching the eye of the users.
Discussing the bristles of the toothbrush, The various buttons are created to handle different features for cleaning. All of the control keys of the toothbrush are an easy task to operate that makes it possible for the users to utilize it. it is made out of supreme quality to make sure delivering maximum washing. The bristles are as well gentle for one’s teeth in addition to for the gums making this a complete bundle handling gum care aswell.
The expanded battery lifestyle of the toothbrush can be among the attractions of the model. This toothbrush may be used for enough period of time with just one single round of charging.

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Top features of the toothbrush

The entire creating of the Oral-B genius pro 8000 is performed relating to the diversifying features that it delivers to its users. This is a quick glimpse of the many features which can be anticipated out of the masterpiece:

Cleaning settings


Unlike a great many other electrical toothbrushes, this electrical toothbrush delivers a complete of 6 cleaning settings to the users. Listed below are the 6 washing settings that this toothbrush presents:

    • Daily clean: it really is designed for the daily oral requirements


    • Gum treatment: targets the gum line alongside looking after the the areas of the mouth area


    • Sensitive: will take proper care of the sensitive-prone the teeth


    • Whitening: ensures proper and constant whitening of one’s teeth

000 Brushing movements ina moment

    • Tongue clean: completely cleans the tongue





Traveling package


This electrical toothbrush can be enabled with an extremely stylish traveling package that is designed for individuals who are continuous travelers. The travel package is a black container manufactured from plastic and is top quality which guarantees great quality. The package is kept lightweight in order that it becomes convenient to carry and travel with.
Many people believe the travel package could be improved a great deal as the various other Oral B toothbrushes can be found in a much-advanced appear and travel package. Overall,

Pressure sensor.

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The Oral B genius pro 8000 electrical toothbrush also offers a pressure sensor service.
This facility is incredibly ideal for the beginners because they are not really totally alert to the pressure that should be applied with all the toothbrush. Which means that the toothbrush will indicate the users if indeed they apply even more pressure on the teeth while brushing.

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Smart band

This is a distinctive feature that is included with this style of Oral B. It really is such as a flashing light that adjustments color. The smart band technique is indeed made that it adjustments color with each actions of an individual.
this torch or the smart band changes its color to point you about the problem. Which means that whenever all of your actions is against or and only the normal operating of the toothbrush,
This technique can be exactly like that of pressure sensor just it covers all of the actions of the toothbrush instead of concentrating on one.

Bluetooth connection


This electrical toothbrush also offers Bluetooth connectivity that makes it appropriate for the present along with future requirements.
The users can simply gain access to this feature to maintain an archive of their brushing practices and data recorded a comparable.
The Bluetooth technology assists the users to gain access to the toothbrush from its app on the smartphone. Therefore,
the users can easily see their brushing practices as so when required by them.



The timer facility of the electric toothbrush is effective to be certain that the brush has been useful for the equal period of time in all elements of the mouth area.
Rather it means that the users invest the same period of time in each part of the mouth area delivering the same treatment to each one of these.

Position recognition


The oral b 8000 toothbrush can be enabled with a distinctive feature of position recognition. Brushing in the proper direction is essential if you need to get the required and expected outcomes. gong1deng But there’s hardly any time whenever we are totally sure about the right position of utilizing the brush.
With the positioning detection feature of the electric toothbrush, gong1deng you can be sure that the brushing has been done in the proper and consistent manner.
gong2deng The professionals and disadvantages of the toothbrush gong3deng
After providing the therefore amazing features to its users, Why don’t we take a look at those: gong1deng there are several other benefits and restrictions with that your Oral-B genius pro 8000 includes.
gong14deng Pros gong15deng gong1deng
Prov style=color:#0c7007> Comes with 6 different cleaning modes Removes maximum amount of plaque Prov style=color:#0c7007> Steady bristles Includes a steady and spacious travel package Long and extended electric battery life Offers Bluetooth online connectivity which may be accessed with the sensible app Average weight

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    Buttons available on your body of the toothbrush are very hard to press The toothbrush is actually expensive The brush mind is a bit good sized rendering it difficult for individuals with a little mouth to utilize it


Final terms

The Oral B Genius Pro 8000 can be a complete package that may deliver the expected leads to all sorts of users and for his or her various kinds of oral requirements. When are you attempting it?
You may be completely sure of obtaining the best outcomes as this toothbrush was created with the very best technology. It’s the right and ideal mix of advanced technology and greatest comfort.
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