Oral B 3000 vs 5000: Who Wins the Knockout Round?

Oral B 3000 vs 5000: Who Wins the Knockout Round?

Your choice on whether to get an Oral B Pro 3000 vs the Oral B Pro 5000 is definitely an impression one.
your dentist could probably shed some light on the areas that you’ll require the most function. If that’s unclear, It’ll rely on what you should concentrate on for your daily oral hygiene worries. They have particular areas where each will shine.
If you’re susceptible to staining or plaque, the decision of brushing unit is a bit clearer.

Summary of the Oral B Pro 3000

The Pro 3000 gives users tooth whitening from the first day time they begin brushing with it. and Sensitive Setting. Which includes a Daily Clean setting,
It includes all of the great benefits of the Oral B brand. The 3000 provides pressure sensors which will alert you to situations you’re brushing too much. Gum Care,

Summary of the Oral B Pro 5000

The concentrate of the Pro 5000 is on gum treatment in addition to plaque removal. It includes a 3D cleaning actions that pulses and rotates to eliminate more plaque when compared to a regular toothbrush. Sensitive, and Deep Clean. The settings of this toothbrush consist of Daily Clean,
Gum Treatment, Whitening,

Oral B 3000 vs 5000: Evaluation Table


Oral B 3000 Oral B 5000

Settings of Washing3 settings of washing:
Gum Treatment
5 settings of washing:
Gum Treatment
Smartphone TechnologyConnects to an appConnects to an app
Unique Brush HeadsPro Light Brush MindFlossAction Brush Mind
Handle ChoicesSlim ergonomic deal with
Ridges for firmer grasp
Thicker deal with
Smooth deal with
Pressure SensorThere is a pressure sensor in the deal withA sensor alerts you if there’s an excessive amount of pressure
Travel AccessoryDoes not have travel choicesIncludes travel components
Battery LifestyleRechargeable – holds a fee for seven daysStandard rechargeable – holds a fee for 10 times
CostCheck costCheck cost

Design Evaluation
The wonder of the 3000 isn’t diminished in the 5000. Both brushes will alert an individual when there’s an excessive amount of pressure during brushing. The handles won’t make your hands cramp as you utilize them. This is finished with a screen sensor on the handles.
They both have slim handles which are ergonomic. In both, you’ll possess a power button in addition to modes of operation which are easy to transformation as you’re brushing.
The deal with of the 5000 is normally slightly thicker compared to the 3000. and the various other is normally white.
One is normally blue, the Pro 5000 gets the white option just. The 3000 provides two color choices for the handle.


Top features of the Oral B Pro 3000


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The Pro 3000 works with with a number of brush heads from the business.
nonetheless it is variable based on your requirements. It’s designed to focus on whitening,
It offers three modes of washing. and Sensitive as stated previously. Gum Care,
The Daily Clean mode is usually to be used for daily washing. and after meals will be the times you ought to be cleaning food contaminants from your own teeth.
Each morning, at night,
The Gum Care setting massages the gums to activate good blood circulation to the region.
This will keep the gums healthful and clean.
The Sensitive mode is for those who need a more mild clean.
It won’t irritate your tooth or gums like additional toothbrushes.
There’s a timer in the deal with that may pulse every fifty percent minute to inform you that it’s time and energy to change brushing areas. The pulses will make sure that you’re not really lacking any areas.
Each section of your mouth area is split into 4 quadrants. Dentists advise that you brush your tooth for 2 full mins.
The Pro 3000 links to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology.
as well. It’ll evaluate and suggest a brushing routine every day, You’ll have the ability to monitor your oral hygiene to make sure that you’re remembering any areas of the mouth area.

Top features of the Oral B Pro 5000


The concentrate of the Pro 5000 is gum treatment.
The cleaning mind for the plaque removal oscillates and pulsates to ruin plaque and take it off. It removes even more plaque than manual toothbrushes at the gum series using its 3D cleaning.
You can find 5 modes of washing with the Pro 5000. Whitening, There’s Sensitive, Deep Clean, and Gum Treatment. Tongue Clean,
The Daily Clean is an excellent setting for your daily brushing each morning and during the night before bed. The Gum Treatment and Tongue Clean can be achieved daily together with the basic setting of washing. The Whitening may be used once a time when you wish to concentrate on a particular degree of stain removal.
There’s a pressure sensor which will alert you to the truth that you could be pressing down too much while brushing. fresh mouth area every day as though you’ve simply left the dentist’s workplace. That’s not necessary to obtain a deep,


There’s an app that links to your toothbrush to maintain you on job for 2 a few minutes of brushing. You’ll move the toothbrush to a fresh quadrant of the mouth area after every pulse. It’ll assist you to concentrate by pulsating every 30 seconds.
The app will track and shop your brushing practices and assist you to evaluate any issue areas. She’ll have the ability to observe where you’re having troubles and make suggestions.
You can provide this to your dental professional, too.

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Distinct Contrasts Between your Oral B Pro 3000 Versus the Pro 5000

There are several big differences that may impact if the 3000 or the 5000 may be the correct toothbrush for you personally.
The 5000 includes a unique brush mind that’s only obtainable with this model. It’s a brush mind with floss bristles.
The 3000 includes a polishing glass in the center of the included brush that can help whiten your smile.
It’s offered using this type of model.
The deal with of the toothbrushes are comparable but with distinct distinctions. The 5000 is certainly a bit thicker, which may be uncomfortable in a few hands. First, the 3000 includes a slimmer profile. it’ll end up being quite substantial. In various other hands,
The 3000 also offers ridges for a firmer grasp. as well.
You don’t need to worry about the deal with slipping from wet fingertips. It’ll support you in finding the key for changing the setting of the brush,
Disadvantage of the 3000
You can find three settings of brushing with the 3000.
Disadvantage of the 5000
The features available with the 5000 have a price tag that displays those features. It’s an acceptable price considering everything you get for your cash.
as well. but that’s to be likely since it has even more features, It’s more costly compared to the Pro 3000, It’s an improved deal than you’d obtain with other electric powered toothbrushes of the same caliber.

THE VERY BEST Features They Possess in Common


App Support

The Oral B Pro 3000 and 5000 both possess support from an app which will provide essential data. The timer means that you’re hitting all areas of the mouth area for the recommended period. It’ll alert users to the allotted 2 mins of brushing.
The app also records data which you can use to create better decisions relating to your oral hygiene. it is possible to review your brushing way of flaws. Jointly, the app can record data so that you can bring to your dental practitioner. In fact,

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Beneficial Brush Heads

Each model toothbrush includes the ability to make use of interchangeable brush heads that perform exclusive functions. The 5000 includes a FlossAction brush mind for plaque removal. The 3000 includes the circular head with polishing glass for whitening. The various other brushes can be bought individually,
and can fit on the standard rechargeable toothbrush handle.
The brush heads likewise have indicator bristles. They’re blue in color until they’re prepared to be changed.

Brushing Settings

Both Oral B Benefits have a number of brushing settings. Your dentist will help you concentrate on trouble spots, the Oral B offers more than 3 for every of its toothbrushes. Although some toothbrushes just possess one vibration, In case you have a specific focus for brushing,

Experience with Washing

With the vibration and oscillation, these toothbrushes will remove even more plaque from one’s teeth and gums than additional toothbrushes. It’ll provide you with a fresher, they remove 100% more bacteria. In comparison with a manual toothbrush,
cleaner mouth area.

Pressure Sensors

There exists a sensor in the deal with combined with the timer.
It’ll trigger receding gums. You do not wish to brush too much.


The decision between Oral B Pro 3000 vs 5000 should come down to personal choice and budget problems. but a lower price. The 3000 provides fewer brushing settings, In order to spend cash as an expenditure in your smile and teeth’s health,
It provides more choices for brush heads and washing settings. the 5000 is a better choice .
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